Consistent with the Master Plan for the Lower Schuylkill River District in Philadelphia, the Bartram North and Bartram South sites, both former bulk oil terminals, underwent an EPA Brownfield-funded cleanup. As the lead environmental consultant for the property owner, Duffield Associates provided environmental services based on initial assessments by other consulting firms including:

  • Preparation of a Remedial Investigation/Risk Assessment Report and Cleanup Plan (Remedial Design) that complied with PADEP’s Land Recycling and Remediation Act (Act 2) and Storage Tank Programs
  • NPDES permitting
  • Wetland design and USACE permitting for wetland mitigation
  • Bid Specification preparation
  • Owner’s representative services
  • EPA funding reporting
  • Public notifications including public workshops
  • Regulatory liaison and reporting services

Remediation at these sites each had unique complications, largely due a number of unknown conditions prior to earthwork. Large concrete foundations and buried pipelines affected site grading and remedial efforts. Other issues included management of hazardous wastes, asbestos-containing materials, and numerous buried petroleum storage tanks. Despite these complications with the site work, both projects were completed on-time and within the grant limits.

Bartram South underwent groundwater monitoring for a period of 8 quarters. Duffield conducted a Fate & Transport Modeling based on analytic data and aquifer testing.  A Final Report for Groundwater demonstrating attainment of a site-specific standard was recently approved by PADEP and Act 2 liability protection was provided for indicated conditions at the site.

Bartram North also is undergoing quarterly monitoring for groundwater conditions and that effort is anticipated to be completed early 2018. A Final Report for Soil demonstrating attainment of a site-specific standard was submitted to PADEP and approval is anticipated April 2018.