Bay View Beach, a small residential community on the Delaware River since the 1920s, was originally protected from flooding by a mortared, stone retaining wall.  Over time, the beach in front of the wall eroded, forcing the retaining wall to act more as a seawall, which required the addition of concrete facing over time.  In addition, the erosion has continued exposing the base of the wall to current and wave forces from the Delaware River which, in turn, caused undermining of the seawall and sinkholes behind the wall, posing a threat to residents and property.

Duffield Associates was initially retained to perform a review of the retaining wall/seawall.  As part of our evaluation, we bayview1visually reviewed the conditions, provided recommendations for repair and/or replacement, provided a summary of required State and Federal permits, conceptual cost estimates, and assisted in contacting agencies that could possibly provide financial assistance for the failing wall.  Additionally, our team assisted the Bay View Improvement Company provided engineering consulting services in support of their efforts to acquire funding from the State of Delaware for the proposed shoreline stabilization.  The condition of the seawall warranted professional engineering consultation and design assistance in developing a strategy and design concepts to provide a more reliable system to mitigate storm surge impacts, flooding, and drainage issues.

As a result of our partnership with the Community, Duffield Associates is currently providing engineering consulting services to the New Castle Conservation District to develop possible alternatives to mitigate the flood and drainage issues at Bay View Beach as part of a State funded extensive evaluation of the existing conditions.

Duffield Associates is also assisting Bay View Beach in support of obtaining necessary permits or approvals from the State of Delaware, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), for emergency stabilization of the toe of the bulkhead wall waterward of two of the homes along the waterfront.