barnAs part of our continuing commitment to renewable resources, Duffield Associates relocated to our Wilmington property and landmark farm buildings in 1980. Our Barn, portions of which predate 1800, was first renovated into office space in 1984, expanded and further renovated in 1995 and again in 1998. In all of the renovations, our goal has been to beneficially use the property while preserving the agricultural past of the Mill Creek Hundred.

Documents show that buildings existed on the property since the 1860’s, but the barn may have predated 1800. (It was totally rebuilt in 1932, except for some foundations.) Although we don’t know the exact succession of ownership, we do know that the land was acquired by Wilhelmina DuPont Ross who owned the surrounding land now known as Limestone Hills.

In the 1930’s, the property was passed on to the owners of Delaware Park, the John Ross family, who used the land for farming, the barn for horse stables, and the farmhouse as a home for a horse trainer. Prior to our occupancy, the New Castle County Historical Preservation Board designated the farmhouse, barn, and accompanying land as “historically significant.”

Today, our property stands as a reminder to our community that history can be an integral part of carefully planned growth.  Below are some additional photos of our Wilmington Property.


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