KC Land App Studies1Kent County Land Application Studies
Kent County, DE


Duffield Associates was retained to provide engineering and technical services to assist the Kent County Department of Public Works with a project to permit lands owned by the County for wastewater and biosolids application.  The 540± acre site is located adjacent to the County’s regional wastewater treatment facility which generates over 12 million gallons of treated wastewater for 7,000 tons of biosolids annually.  The project scope of work includes the following:

  • Manage the services of a Delaware Licensed Soil Scientist to complete soil borings and test pits throughout the site to delineate site specific soils, determine subsurface water levels, collect and analyze background soils constituent data, and develop mapping of suitable disposal areas.

KC Land App Studies3

  • Manage the services of a Delaware Licensed Soil Hydrogeologist who completed soil borings and test wells throughout the site to determine groundwater and aquifer conditions, complete groundwater modeling and mounding simulations, and analyze various wastewater loading rate scenarios.
  • Develop wastewater and biosolids application scenarios.
  • Work in partnership with County staff, the farming operation, and nutrient management planner to fine tune the preliminary biosolids application scenarios and develop an operation and management plan acceptable to all parties.
  • Prepare biolsolids land application permit applications.