Millsboro WWTP1Millsboro WWTP Improvements
Town of Millsboro, DE


Duffield Associates was the principal design engineer for the planning, design, construction administration, inspection, and startup of the Town of Millsboro’s Wastewater Treatment improvements that spanned 2004-2010.

This advanced wastewater treatment project is Delaware and Delmarva’s first tubular membrane wastewater treatment of biological nutrient removal facility. With the completion of this project, Millsboro is the owner of the Millsboro WWTP2largest air-lift tubular membrane wastewater treatment process in the Western Hemisphere. Most importantly, the use of this technology is the critical first step toward implementing Millsboro’s treated wastewater beneficial reuse program.

The challenge here was to shoehorn a biological nutrient removal wastewater treatment plant into a 1.7 acre site, surrounded by wetlands on three sides and highway on the remaining side, while continuing to keep the existing treatment plant in operation. Much of the existing tankage at the existing WWTP was retrofitted and incorporated into the new plant in other services. The new site layout was planned to maximize use of vertical space and minimize the horizontal footprint. The effluent quality produced by this facility is acceptable for any form of environmentally controlled distribution, either to surface water, to the land, or to groundwater.