Inclement Weather


The Governor has declared a Level 1 Driving Warning and closed State offices in New Castle County.  The New Castle County offices are closed today as well.   It is not a State of Emergency, but everyone is discouraged from driving today. Here is a link:


Governor Carney’s Level 1 Driving Warning remains in effect in New Castle County. Under a Level 1 Driving Warning drivers are discouraged from operating a motor vehicle on the state’s roadways, unless there is a significant safety, health, or business reason to do so.


Philadelphia has declared a snow emergency as of 9pm Monday.  This means that cars must be removed from snow emergency routes or will be towed and ticketed. Here is a link:
The city encourages residents to travel with caution Tuesday. Please give yourself extra time to get to your destination, and workers are encouraged to make use of flex time if available. Caution will be particularly important during the morning rush hour, when snowfall rates could reach 1-2 inches per hour, and heavy winds are expected.


Company Inclement Weather Policy

As you are all aware, a winter storm warning is in effect for our area starting today and lasting through tomorrow, and in order to help everyone plan we are providing this refresher on the Company’s inclement weather policy and procedures. Our primary concern is that all staff remain safe and use sound judgment regarding travelling during and after the storm. 

If you are late or absent from work due to adverse weather conditions, or if the entire office or an entire branch closes, you may account for your time using one of the following methods:


·         Use accrued vacation time

·         Make up the lost time within the same pay period, workload permitting

·         Take the time without pay


Be sure to contact your manager or supervisor as you normally would for an unplanned absence.


Keep in mind that the full range of support services may not be available (phones, word processing, accounting, IT and marketing) even though the office is open, depending on the ability of the staff to safely travel.

If the entire office closes or an entire branch closes due to inclement weather, notice will be placed on the Company website (, intranet and Main voicemail system recording (302-239-6634) . The options listed above for charging your time will apply.

In the event that a “State of Emergency” is declared, the office(s) located in that jurisdiction will be closed and the options listed above for charging your time will apply.

If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact your Division Director or Director of Operations.