The University of Pennsylvania selected Duffield Associates to develop a Stormwater Master Plan for their entire Philadelphia campus.

The focus of the plan is to look for opportunities for stormwater management through retrofit of existing buildings and impervious areas or for improved stormwater design of future projects.  Duffield Associates reviewed projects constructed since 2006 (when PWD adopted their current stormwater regulations) to determine if additional stormwater management opportunites could be obtained from the projects.  These existing projects were incorporated into a campus-wide stormwater model which enables assessment of the impact of proposed projects on overall stormwater management for the campus.

Duffield Associates evaluated potential new stormwater management technologies which may be used in future land development projects.  A block-by-block analysis is being completed for each city block comprising the campus, identifying potential retrofit practices and/or future stormwater facilities, including systems that might be shared among several UPenn2buildings.  Construction costs for various practices are being compiled and pending legislation changes and funding opportunities are being investigated.  An Operations and Maintenance Manual is being developed for the existing stormwater systems to aid the University in meeting its commitment to monitor and maintain the PWD-approved stormwater facilities.