Yank Marine Services, LLC is a family-owned business that operates and maintains a shipyard in Dorchester, NJ along the Maurice River.  Currently, the 5.85 acre facility is limited to servicing vessels less than 50-tons due to limitations of the existing equipment and infrastructure of the yard.  This project was undertaken to reconfigure and expand the waterfront infrastructure to allow Yank Marine Services to accommodate vessels as large as 600-tons alongside its current capability to service smaller vessels.

Duffield Associates was retained by the Yanks to assist with site evaluation, NJDEP and USACE permit preparation, marine and structural design of the proposed lift well for the new 600-ton travelift.  Collaborating with the owner, we were able to design a creative reconfiguration of the narrow waterfront that will allow the existing 50-ton and new 600-ton travelifts to operate in a side-by-side configuration with one shared approach to the waterfront.  Because the yard is narrow, the available land along the waterfront is limited and the new configuration will allow the yard’s capabilities to dramatically expand while limiting the impact to the environment at virtually no net effect.