Project Description

Over a 15-year period, severe, repeated flooding ravaged much of the 195-home Glenville Community in Stanton, Delaware.  Through the years, more than two-thirds of the Glenville homes have suffered water damage. The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) and New Castle County, through an unprecedented joint effort, committed to buy-out and relocate the impacted property owners with the objective of utilizing the vacated properties for flood storage and wetlands mitigation. Ultimately, 160 homes were purchased and demolished. Duffield Associates was selected as program manager for the demolition –to coordinate multiple contractors, consultants and government agencies; to provide site security, terminate utility services, abate asbestos, demolish homes, and regrade; and to restore the lots as a precursor to developing wetlands, flood storage areas, parkland and to redeveloping the remaining homes as a vibrant “reborn” community.