Project Description

Tweed’s Park is a notable green space anchoring Hockessin, DE with its lush athletic fields, boardwalks, paths and trails. In addition to providing a recreational amenity, the park is home to an authentically-restored log cabin and provides flood mitigation for Hockessin through an engineered wetland. Prior to its transformation, the site was a less desirable junk yard, abandoned lumber mill and mushroom farm. To help maintain the park, Duffield not only designed green technologies to assist with the storm water runoff from trails and roadways, but also designed and constructed more wetlands, trails, roads, and boardwalks. Duffield also aided in stream restoration and the removal of invasive species with the potential to disrupt the park’s ecosystems. Duffield is excited to participate in these types of multi-disciplinary, sustainable engineering works, especially when they allow for the continued use and enjoyment of public spaces.