Project Description

Duffield designed two separate potable water treatment facility projects for Artesian Water. The Llangollen Water Treatment Facility project was a 2.2 MGD process upgrade to an existing facility. The Hyetts Corner Water Treatment facility was a 3.0 MGD, new facility from the ground up. Both projects involved new below grade, cast-in-place concrete tanks for clearwell, backwash and solids storage that would support pressure filters inside a process building situated above the tanks. At each site, Duffield’s geotechnical division performed a geotechnical evaluation consisting of Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings to evaluate the subgrade suitability for tank construction. Duffield performed test borings and completed laboratory analysis at its AASHTO accredited geotechnical testing laboratory including index testing, moisture content, soil gradation, and Atterberg Limits. At completion, Duffield furnished a geotechnical engineering report including the field and laboratory-testing data obtained, the depth to groundwater encountered, and recommendations concerning allowable shallow foundation bearing capacity, and the suitability for tank construction.