Civil Engineering

Duffield’s civil engineers, designers, and construction experts bring diverse experience and far reaching skill sets to all our projects across PA, MD, NJ & DE. Civil engineering takes its roots from the empirical designs of the great builders for all civil works projects intended for the benefit of people and community. The term is broad reaching and contemporarily refers to site and land planning & development, utilities design, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. As a general service, our civil engineering projects in PA, MD, NJ, & DE rely on many other design and construction sub-disciplines, which Duffield also provides in-house.


Photo of Jeff Bross
Jeff Bross, P.E., LEED AP, Fellow ACEC

Dwight Walters, P.E.
Photo of Mike Kaszyski
Mike Kaszyski, P.E.
Photo of Steve Gorski
Steve Gorski, P.E.

Notable Projects

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