Field Services

It’s imperative for projects to be built as designed. Nobody wants a surprise when they’re in the midst of construction but real life field conditions add wrinkles to the best laid plans. Knowing how to test, knowing what the results mean, and providing proactive communication can be the difference between performing as intended and unexpected outcomes. Our experienced field services team is supported and supervised by experienced engineers who will anticipate and resolve issues in a timely manner to assure projects stay on schedule and budget.

Additionally, our AASHTO, DOT and USACE certified laboratories offer a full range of soil, concrete, asphalt and geosynthetic testing capabilities. By provided these services in-house from sampling to results we control the quality, safety and compliance of the effort to deliver accurate, timely and cost-effective results.


Hank Stack, P.E.
Photo of Brian Devine
Brian Devine, P.E.
Photo of Jim Cloonan
Jim Cloonan, P.E., LEED AP

Notable Projects

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