Water Resources

Without water there is no life on earth. Ancient civilizations conquered water problems with massive projects for drainage, water supply, irrigation and wastes. Thousands of years later modern civilization is still trying to solve those same problems. It can be argued that our problems are even bigger – as the world’s population growth increases so does the stress on our water supplies. Water quality is vitally important in today’s world as every drop of water is being recycled continuously. Our mission is to help engineer sustainable systems which support our natural environment and are compatible with our socioeconomic constraints. We have the opportunity every day to fulfill that mission as we complete projects that touch the lives of our neighbors, whether it be designing water supply systems for rural communities or storm water treatment structures for urban environments.


Photo of Deirdre Smith
Deirdre Smith, P.E., LEED AP BD+C
Photo of Jeff Bross
Jeff Bross, P.E., LEED AP, Fellow ACEC
Photo of Scott Hoffman
Scott Hoffman, P.E.
Photo of Steve Cahill
Steve Cahill, P.G.
Photo of Amy Leib
Amy Leib, P.E.
Photo of Andy Jenkins
Andy Jenkins, P.G., LEED AP BD+C

Notable Projects